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I am Emiel De Waele

Hello dear website visitor, My name is Emiel, a 17-year-old boy with a passion for gaming. But who am I really? There are after all, many boys my age who share the same interest. Let me tell you who I am. My journey as a computer scientist began at my ninth birthday when I first played Minecraft. Soon I discovered that you could host your own servers and write Java plugins. write. I was fascinated by programming and even managed my own server with hundreds of players. Later I started using Unity and created several projects last year, including a snowboarding game, quiz and DeliveryDriver game. This latter inspired me to make DeliveryClicker for my BIP.

But I am more than just a computer scientist. I'm athletic and I like to go to the gym. I am also a traveler and have visited many beautiful places around the world, including a month in Brazil as part of a learning program on sustainability and the SDGs. I also learned a lot about different cultures here because 18 different nationalities were present. In addition to computer science, I am I am also interested in other technologies and sciences, such as Artificial Intelligence and robotics. In the future, I hope to contribute to the development of these technologies. In short, I am a driven and passionate person who is always looking for new challenges and adventures. Whether it's programming, sports, travel or anything else, I always go at it with enthusiasm into it. I hope you have now gotten a better picture of who I am and what drives me!

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Mijn skills

About my skills right now, I can tell you this. I am good at HTML and CSS and already have some experience with PHP. Currently I am learning Javascript and Java. But my skills go beyond programming languages. I am also strong in soft skills such as communication, problem solving and collaboration. This comes in especially handy when I have to work in group collaboration. In addition, I am a true traveler and can easily adapt to different cultures. In short, I am a motivated and eager to learn with a wide range of skills. Whether it is programming, communicating, problem solving or culture, I always go into it with enthusiasm and when there is something I can't do I try to improve in that area. improve.

HTML 70%
CSS 60%
JavaScript 10%
PHP 30%
Java 20%